photography info


I have about three years of experience shooting live concerts and I'd love to take photos of your band too! I also love doing band shoots for albums, promotion, etc.

My rates differ depending on the type of photography.

$25 per band when live (at least one photo of each member returned, solo/duo acts get 4-5 photos guaranteed)

$50-75 for other depending on the amount of photos needed (5-15)

Because of covid I won't be attending shows of my own accord, so if you'd like me to take photos of your band feel free to send me an email/dm or fill out my photography form and I'll let you know if I'll accept the shoot!


With cons being unsafe to attend at the moment, I am really limiting my cosplay photography for the time being. Friends and folks that are within driving distance (two hour max) are still fully welcome to request shoots, I just request that we wear masks when not taking photos and we are as safe as possible.

-15 minutes of shooting time for 1-2 people with 3-5 edited photos returned: $35

-30 minutes of shooting time for 1-3 people with 6-9 edited photos returned: $50

-60 minutes of shooting time for 4+ people with 12+ edited photos returned will have a discussed price*

Additional photos outside of the base packages will cost $4 per edited photo.

Please know that location shoots will be limited despite me being willing to travel a little! I don't mind nature and public spaces, but they cannot because densely filled with people! This would put both of us at risk and it'd make it a little harder to get nice photos!

head shots/regular

$20 - 15 minute shoot with 1-2 edited photos

$40 - 30 minute shoot with 4-6 edited photos


If you would like to see more examples of my work please DM or email me directly! I will only send it to people that are interested in shoots and if you are uncomfortable/don't want me using your shoot as an example that is 100% okay and going to be respected!

$50 for 3-6 edited photos

I want to make you feel comfortable and sexy! I hope to do whatever I can (within reason) to make this possible so you're as happy with these photos as possible.

Photos for OF and other swork will not have a watermark.