I'm Ses! I'm 24 years old and I'm based in Providence, RI. I'm an artist, tattooer, photographer, printmaker, and certified cow liker.

Currently, I am an artist in residence at the Dirt Palace.

Tattooing always felt scary because of its permanence, but now that I have been doing it for three years, I feel at home. I started with a machine and have since learned handpoking. It's hard to choose a favorite of the two (they're both great for different reasons) so I Won't. I am Bloodborne Pathogen Certified!

I have been doing portrait and live music photography for 5 years now and I'm excited to do more. I love to make people feel as lovely as I see them through my photos!

Delving into printmaking has always been a game of figuring out whether or not I have enough space where I'm living to let things dry... thankfully the residency has kept that a problem for Future Ses! I'll be selling hand printed work at QTZ Fest 2023, Columbus Theater's Industry Standard, Dirt Palace's Holiday Faire, and other upcoming events, so keep an eye out.